Information for the ESRF Users

The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) was offered the HKL/HKL-2000 license that would allow commercial as well as academic researchers to use the HKL/HKL-2000 software while collecting data at ESRF, but chose not to acquire it for any of its beam lines.


Users holding academic HKL license, who would like to use the software at the beamlines substantially involved in industrial activities ( should contact us a few days in advance to obtain a temporary license key for their portable computers or for a computer designated by ESRF as indicated at


The following letter template may be used to request the license extension. It should be written on the institution's letterhead and provide a:

  • start date,

  • end date,

  • beamline,

  • detector,

  • group leader,

  • contact information.

It should be signed by the group leader and fax to 434 979 6381.

Template letter:

To HKL Research, Inc.

The members of my research group lead by ...................... will be traveling to collect synchrotron data at the .... beam line at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility on ..........., 2010. The beam line does not have the HKL license. As an academic, non-profit organization, we currently have a permanent, academic HKL license for our lab. We would like to obtain a temporary license extension to use the HKL software, while at the ESRF, so we can begin processing our data on site. While we are using the beam line that is involved in the industrial activities, the data we collect and process will be for "non-commercial use" as defined on your web site. It will be used for research that is not subject to any written agreement allowing a commercial or for-profit entity to impose intellectual rights restrictions on the published results or delay the availability of data and results derived with the use of the HKL software. The HKL software will be used exclusively by me and/or members of my group and only for projects that I control as a Principal Investigator.

Commercial HKL licensees need to have the HKL software maintenance level III or HKL-2000 maintenance contract in order to obtain the license extension. It is sufficient to send us an e-mail request a few days before the experiment begins.

We hope that this is only a temporary solution for a temporary situation.